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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Throwback Thursday: "Check your egos at the door ..."

Upon reading an article in the most recent issue of "Reiki News Magazine" by Reiki Master Deb Karpek, I thought I'd share some things with you which I feel are important to know for anyone who either is or is thinking about learning the practice of reiki.

In her article, "Knowing When to Take the Next Class," she discusses the issue of practitioners who feel that rushing their studies is a good idea? While it is true that everyone must learn at their own individual pace, knowing "when" to take things to the next level is key! As she very intelligently puts it, "There isn't any hurry; it's not a race. It's an honor and a privilege and we need to respect it." May I also add that it is not some sort of "knotch on your belt,"and, as my Reiki Master had said during our Reiki Level II classes, "Check your egos at the door!" In fact, one of the last things she taught us is that we should never make the mistake of calling ourselves "healers" as we are merely a conduit per se, a "go-in-between" the client and the Divine. How right she is!
My Reiki Master & very dear friend, Frances M. Moise

Reiki Master Karpek also points out the fact that there is a discernible difference between "wanting to be a Reiki Master and being called to be a Reiki Master." This article really hit home with me because I have seen so many practitioners make these mistakes and it simply makes me cringe! My own Reiki Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho, told us some of the things she had to learn while she was in her Master training ~ learning how to pronounce, write and memorize over 100 different ancient Reiki symbols, etc. during the course of her very intense studies. That being said, it is next to impossible and I personally find it absurd to think that you can go from a Certified Reiki Level I to a Reiki Master level in a matter of only a few months.

At this point in my Reiki training, I have no desire to become a Reiki Master and I am completely at peace being a Level II practitoner. Perhaps in time this may change should I receive the "calling." None-the-less, I have to say that I totally agree 100% with the above views of these Reiki Masters. After all, what is the hurry, really?

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