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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that ...

Good afternoon all! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day holiday! As I mentioned before, we had my folks over for a visit and to see, Tabby,  the newest member of our family. Tabby, mind you, was not quite ready to receive guests as of yet and hid the entire time they were visiting. I had to laugh at my mom; however, she was so funny. She kept talking to our other cats and saying things such as, "Aww, I know Kiki, right now you are wondering to yourself  'what happened to my life?' LOL! Kiki is the cat who is having the most trouble coming to terms with a new addition to the clan and we are a tad concerned about her at the moment. But, I think she will eventually come around ~ at least we hope so in due time.

Kiki, Haley & Midnight
Tabby (Tabitha)

Some exciting news in case you all haven't heard. Stacy from her blog, MagicLoveCrow has decided to share her birthday celebration this month with her friends and followers! She is having a Birthday Giveaway and is giving away not one, not two, not three, but eight different prizes. Some of which are fabulous arts and crafts from her other bloggie buddies as well. Stacy is a talented artist in her own right and her forte is, you guessed it, crow aceos and paintings!

I have some of her awesome artwork adorning my home, the most recent is a Mer-Crow painting which I had specially asked her to create for me! ...

"Mer-Crow Love" by Magic Love Crow

So please stop on by Stacy's blog and join the party!! You'll love it!


  1. Poor Kiki; as long as she can just tolerate Tabby, that would be fine.
    I saw that giveaway on Stacy's blog. She is her usual generous self, that Crow Woman!!Some lucky people are going to be happy.

  2. Aww, our newest addition (going on 2 years now!) still gets bullied by her bigger sister. We have 4, but the "newest" still gets tromped on by the second last "newest". I am not sure if it will ever end! Your cats are all gorgeous!

  3. Your mom is so cute Kim! LOL! I hope Kiki comes around soon ;o) You didn't have to post about my giveaway ;o) Thanks so much my friend ;o) You know, everytime I look at the painting I created for you, I love it even more!!! Big Hugs ;o)