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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some encouraging news!

Greetings everyone! First of all, my friends, I want to thank you ALL for your wonderful input regarding my house "visiter." On Tuesday, my sister Robin and I cleansed and blessed our home. I can already feel a lightness in the air which was not there previously. I much agree that this time of the year the veil makes it very easy for spirits to venture ~ be they passed on family or friends, or the uninvited sort. After the cleansing and blessing, I spoke to the spirit (or spirits) which were present and assured them that if they were family members, they were always welcome, but if they were not, I bid them to leave the house and go back to their respective areas in peace.

Now for a bit more good news. Upon reading my horoscope for today, I feel quite confident that things will definitely get better this week ...

 Pisces Horoscope:
Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sep 27, 2012

A hectic time is coming to an end, leaving you some spare moments to catch your breath. Now is a fine time to sit down with yourself for some analytical thinking. Now that you can look back on the activities of the last couple days, weigh your actions against their results. Were your hypotheses and theories on the mark or somewhere left of center? Prepare to accept the truth even if you don`t really like it and consider how you might change things in the future.

And there it is! LOL!  I wish everyone a fantastic week!

Blessings ALL ~



  1. Wow, Kim!!! I call this "verification" that your cleansing worked...fantastic!!!

    Lots of Positive Hugs,

  2. This is great news! I think you handled the situation perfectly.

  3. Verification at it's finest! Have a grand weekend.

  4. Great horoscope my friend! I am so happy the cleansing and blessing of your house went well ;o) Hugs ;o)