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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Zen Witch!

As some of you may already know, I have a dear and very long-time friend, Zen Witch. We began studying and practicing Wicca together many years ago. September 10th will mark she and her hubby, Sean's, 14th Wedding Anniversary! I thought it rather fitting to do a little interview with her and it went as follows:

LCM:  How did you and your hubby, Sean, meet?

ZW:    I know you remember that story! I was in the shower and I left the back door unlocked. (Your cousin) Jeremy stopped by to say "hi" and he had Sean with him. I am all dripping wet and in walks Jer and Sean! I usually tell people we met through a "mutual friend." LOL! We have been unconventional from the start!

LCM:  Do you have any children and, if so, how many?

ZW:    We have four beautiful blessings from the Goddess aged 3-8. Our oldest son was adopted from China at age three in 2007. He is funny, too smart for my own good, and has a huge heart. He is an old soul and greatly desires to be a witch.

LCM:   That would be "Peanut?"

ZW:     Yes.

LCM:   And what about your other children? Do they follow any particular religion or faith?  As parents, how do you feel about teaching them your or your hubby's religion?

ZW:    We hope that they would follow in our footsteps, but we fully support their right to choose their own path as well. We try to expose them and teach them what we know and explain things to them, but not brainwash them. I feel as a parent, it is my job to give them roots, but also wings.

LCM:   That's beautiful! It makes a lot of sense to me.

ZW:      Why, thank you!

LCM:   How long have you been a Zen Witch and does your hubby follow that belief as well?

ZW:     Well, I have been involved in Wicca since ... when was it? 1997? And Sean introduced me to Buddhism in 2008.

LCM:   That's right. I believe we started studying and practicing Wicca aeround the same time.

ZW:     In an effort to unite my family, I started looking for ways to make it work together. So I really had to take them both to their basic levels. Strip off all of the "show" and figure out what the meat of it was. Sean doesn't practice Wicca, but he incorporates little things here and there (the altar set up, the holiday celebrations, etc.)

LCM:    With your 14th Wedding Anniversary being tomorrow, can you tell us if you have anything special planned?

ZW:     Well. with four kids it is kinda hard to get any one-on-one time. But we are going to sneak away for a lunch, although the baby will be with us.

LCM:  Now that's what I call a family that "stays together." That's great!

ZW:   LOL! Sean got me my reiki table as a gift, and I am getting him his black kitten, finally.

Sean's new "purr babies" ~ Salem (in front) and Mabon (in back) Yes, two black cats are better than one!

LCM:  I think that sounds awesome! What advice would you give to someone about a long and happy marriage?

ZW:  That it is the little things that matter and don't take your partner for granted. Do little things that say, "I love you." You know Yule gifts and anniversary presents are nice and all, but Sean makes me coffee every morning even if he doesn't have any. That tells me he was thinking of me. And I heard this once ... If you think the grass is greener on the other side, mabye you need to tend to your own yard. Isn't that so deep and so true?  I try to remember that always!

LCM": Most definately! Things aren't always what they appear on the outside.

ZW:  Right! That is why I try not to judge anyone. You never know what they are going through on that day.

LCM: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. I wish you and your hubby many blessings for a Happy Anniversary!

ZW:  Thank you so much!

Happy 14th Anniversary, my dear sister!


  1. Thank you my beautiful sister! If it hadn't been for you introducing me to Jeremy, I would never have met the most wonderful man I have ever known!

  2. Happy 14th Anniversary to your special friend! I love the way she met her hubby! Maybe I should try that? LOL! Great interview Kim ;o) Big Hugs ;o)