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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Aunt Millie!

Good day everyone! I just finished getting the pics delevoped from last weekend's "memorable" trip to Maryland to visit hubby's Aunt Millie. She is a very spunky, up-beat, tell-it-like-it-is, down to earth gal! She's 95 years old and doesn't look a day over 70 ~ if that! I told her that she looks great and we all should be so blessed! Her reply: "Oh, you're just being kind. I know "how" I look ~ LOL!" She is a retired librarian and is heavily involved with the Maryland Historical Society, loves the theatre and jazz music. She is mostly self-sufficient since her husband's passing a few years ago and lives by herself ~ with her son and daughter not living too far away. What a dear woman she is!

My MIL sitting with Tulip, who also came along for the trip
After a four hour set-back of convention traffic and a bad car accident on the way to Ocean City, MD (which we ended up staying in Rehoboth anyhow), here are a few pics of our hotel suite we stayed overnight in at the Econo Lodge. It had a lounge area, three sinks, bathroom, two full-size beds, two televisions, two phones and a cool little deck to sit out on ...
All in all, it was a nice trip and I can't wait to see Aunt Millie again! Have a fantastic Sunday all!


  1. ...sO wonderful to meet your family! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  2. Aunt Millie looks absolutely amazing! Please tell her I say so! What a doll! Nice hotel room, love the balcony!

  3. I can't believe Aunt Millie is 95 and so independent; truly you are right that we should all be so blessed.
    Glad it was a good time, in spite of the awful travel conditions.

  4. Aunt Millie is stunning! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and made it there and back again safely.

  5. Wow Kim, it looks like you all had a great time! Aunt Millie is adorable! I can't believe she is 95! Bless her heart! The hotel suite was very nice! Sorry about the traffic! Hugs ;o)