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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year wishes!

Happy New Year's Eve, my friends! We are not doing much tonight, just going to spend New Year's Eve at my MIL's house. I will be able to get the chance to wear my holiday garb - my cat sweater that lights up on the front of it and my elf sweater poncho I bought just a month ago ...

What do you think of Santa's little elf helper? ...

The past couple of days  I have been working upstairs in the attic cleaning up. I am only about halfway finished ...
I bought some large plastic storage bins in which to place my clothing in ...
And I also organized my glass and satin balls into special storage boxes ...

With my $10.00 rewards coupon from Boscov's, I bought a twin-sized comforter set for the spare bedroom downstairs. I am planning on straightening up that room as well and also using it for an office space ...
 Here is wishing everyone a very Happy New Year to come!!


  1. Nothing says New Year like a good cleaning and organizing. You're off to a great start. When you're done, you can come here. You look cute in your elf poncho. Your helper looks more like a supervisor. The comforter looks very Spring-like. Have a very happy and creative New Year

  2. You look adorable Kim...so cute!
    I am doing the same as you...organizing things and trying to donate other items but I am always putting "to donate" back where I had them on shelves and in cupboards. Maybe next year :)

    Happy New Year's Eve my dear friend 🎉🎊
    Hugs ❤

  3. Love your elf poncho, and the comforter looks great :)
    Happy New Year Wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  4. I love that sweater! You look adorable! Big Hugs to your fur babies! Good for you cleaning everything up and organizing! I love the comforter! Big Hugs! Happy New Year!