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Monday, December 24, 2018

2022 Sabbats, Full Moons & Eclipses

Monday, January 17th: Wolf Moon
Wednesday, February 16th: Snow Moon
Friday, March 18th: Worm Moon
 Saturday, April 16th: Pink Moon
April 30th - Solar Eclipse/Partial
May 15th-16th - Lunar Eclipse/Total
Monday, May 16th: Flower Moon
Tuesday, June 14th: Strawberry Moon
Wednesday, July 13th: Buck Moon
Thursday, August 11th: Sturgeon Moon
Saturday, September 10th: Harvest Moon
Sunday, October 9th: Hunters Moon
October 25th - Solar Eclipse/Partial
Tuesday, November 8th - Beaver Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse/Total
Wednesday, December 7th: Cold Moon


Imbolg/Imbolc - February 2nd
Ostara/Spring Equinox - March 20th
Beltane - May 1st
Litha/Summer Solstice - June 21st
Lughnasadh/Lammas - August 1st
Mabon/Autumnal Equinox - September 22nd
Samhain - October 31st
Yule/Winter Solstice - December 21st


  1. Love the three images here.
    Happy Holiday Wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  2. Thanks for the information Kim! Gorgeous pictures! Big Hugs!